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with this page you can set up an employment agreement ("Dienstleistungsvertrag" or "DLV")

  • we need these to pay you for playing

  • we need them only once per season

  • please be careful which version of the contract you fill out

The contracts need to be filled out digitally. You can download them (right click "save target as") or fill them out directly in your browser. It is important that you also sign the contract digitally. Please do not send us scans or pictures. You can fill out the contract


  • in your browser window

  • with this website

  • with Adobe Acrobat

  • with the application "preview" on Macs

We are sorry but these contracts are available in German only.

If there are comprehensive questions, please ask.

Should you be unable to fill out and sign the contract digitally, and the current project still running,

send it to us without a signature and sign it during the rehearsal. 

finished contract have to be sent to the orchesterwart@-mail address

for all projects except for


for all projects of the

"Stadt.Land.Klassik!" cycles

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